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Tim Walker: Fantastical Photography

We share some of Jordan’s favorite images (and inspiration!) by fantasy photog Tim Walker and why she loves him. Plus: how she plans to smoke a reception.

One to push the traditional boundaries and limitations of design herself, Jordan is always dreaming up innovative ways to incorporate details and decor into each of the events she and her team produce.  So it’s no surprise that she finds such fascinating inspiration from British fashion photography Tim Walker.  “I can look at one photo of his and come up with 30 ways to incorporate it into wedding design,” says Jordan.  “He gives so much in one image!”

Each of Tim’s photos are equally extravagant, quixotic depictions of art, often like images from some strange fairytale.  A regular photog for fashion-forward publications like W and Vogue—he photographed his first Vogue fashion shoot at just 25 years old and continues to appear in their pages on a regular basis—Tim has defined his talent behind the lens with a very particular, avant-garde aesthetic.

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Model with head and forearms sticking through white board or paper, wearing olive glove, bracelets, and applying lipstick

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While his work is reportedly featured in Vogue more than any other photographer, often appearing in monthly succession, Tim creates more than just fashionable photography.  He continually challenges his levels of perception, creativity and fantasy.  In fact, the London born-and-based artist has photos on permanent display in both the Victoria & Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in London.

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It was only a few months ago that Jordan discovered the photographer through a friend in the publishing industry and was immediately smitten.  “His avant, whimsical take on the surreal world instantly drew me to his work,” she says.  “The colors, the uniqueness, the bold placement of the models and props.”

Tim certainly enjoys telling tales with his photographic creations, having described them as “windows” for the viewer to partake in the featured fantasy—whether it’s a light and playful vibe or a more dark, sinister setting.  His images have depicted everything in between, and certainly the variety of such unique and inventive fantasies provide endless material to inspire creative thinking and vision.

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With inspiration drawn from so many different resources,  Tim’s work will no doubt be a regular reserve for Jordan when it comes to out-of-the-box, high-fashion ideas.  “In an upcoming wedding, we are using some of the ‘blush smoke’ inspiration to implement a whimsical, ethereal effect for a stunning reception!” she says, adding there will also be some fanciful characters, custom oversized props and more.

We like to think of it as dreamy inspiration for the modern generation. To see more of Tim’s fantastical photography visit his website. And for even more amazing inspo, be sure to follow Jordan Payne Events on Instagram. It’s so hot, it’s smokin’!

All images by Tim Walker Photography.