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Welcome Bag 101

The all-things-nuptial website, Inside Weddings, shares the scoop on Jordan’s new company, The Welcome Bag Committee, and what makes her gift assemblies rock!

If you didn’t catch the big news introducing Jordan Payne’s sweet new biz, The Welcome Bag Committee, you can read up on all the details here. It’s been exciting times at Jordan Payne Events with the launch of such a fantastic concept, and brides are loving it! They’ve been busy scooping up their favorite themed bags and other goodies to treat guests arriving for their big day. And Jordan’s constantly churning out even more things to love, like her own line of wrapping paper, custom boxes and more so that brides and clients can create their very own bespoke arrangements down to the smallest detail.



It’s no secret that when it comes to fabulous weddings, design and style, Jordan prefers to go big or go home! So naturally, when it came to creating her new company and conceptualizing the best that welcome bags have to offer, her signature creativity took over and the results were fun, colorful and absolutely to die for!



Recently, bridal magazine and nuptial-savvy website Inside Weddings shared their take on the ever-growing trend of welcome bags and some of the pretties Jordan’s created for The Welcome Bag Committee. She also dishes on her top five tips for designing the perfect welcome bag. These include selecting items that distinctly represent the bride and groom, perhaps even including a card to explain why each item was selected. And she highly recommends sticking to a color palette that complements that of the wedding, which results in more of an impactful statement and also makes for gorgeous pictures.

To read more of Jordan’s tips, check out the article here and don’t forget to peruse all the pretty things at The Welcome Bag Committee. Their rapidly growing selection includes individual gifts items like designer soaps and luxe stationary as well as a bevy of bespoke bag designs from the cheeky “Let’s Bachelorette Bae” to the beachy “Coastal Retreat” option packaged in an adorable shell motif canvas bag.

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Warm welcomes have never looked more fabulous!